Vox Pandora PXMINIBK


Korg PANDORA Mini Personal Multi Effect Processor, Black

 The first-generation PANDORA appeared in 1995. This revolutionary product dramatically changed the concept of a multi-effect unit, placing great sound and unheard of versatility into a compact body. Constantly evolving, the PANDORA Series became a long-selling favorite for guitarists and bassists around the world. As its 'mini' name implies, the PANDORA mini is an ultra-compact unit.

Korg’s proprietary 'REMS' Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System delivers 158 sophisticated effects; 200 Preset programs provide stage-ready sounds for numerous genres and playing styles. Of those, 115 are Song Presets; each one ready to accurately recreate the specific sound used by a famous guitarist on one of their signature songs. The rhythm function lets you enjoy playing to a beat, and is bound to make your practicing even more fun. The PANDORA mini is the single product that excels in any situation – practicing at home, recording, even warming up backstage or on tour.

 Korg is resolved to continue to create innovative and uncompromising instruments which maintain the high quality that inspires professional artists and creators, and yet are approachable enough for anyone to play. The musical instruments Korg will deliver are reflections of the ideas and values of the many artists and users who continue to love Korg products - now and into the future.


- Ultra-compact pocket-size multi-effect designed for both guitar and bass

- Powered by REMS modeling technology

- 200 preset programs (including song presets)

- 200 user programs locations for storing your own sounds

- 158 types of amazing amps and effects