Vox Bobcat S66 Bigsby Jet Black


VOX Bobcat S66 Now Available with Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece

The VOX Bobcat Series offers high quality pickups and playability that stand the test of professional use. The newest models feature a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece—a tailpiece loved by guitar players for many years—and come in two colors: a cool jet black and sapphire blue.

Featuring a built-in Bigsby vibrato tailpiece

The Bigsby vibrato tailpiece was introduced on guitars in the 1940’s and has since been a dominant standard, used on guitars from many manufacturers. Probably the greatest merit of the Bigsby is how it captivates players at first sight, with a rustic appearance. In terms of sound, adding the Bigsby to a guitar brings a characteristic brightness in tone with a strong sound that comes to the forefront.

S66: combines three single-coil pickups and volume controls for a variety of tones

This model features three single-coil pickups, which is unusual for a semi-hollow body guitar. These pickups can be used in combination for a wide variety of tones. Each pickup has its own volume control, offering the player six different combinations of sound: neck and bridge, middle and neck, middle and bridge, middle only, neck only and bridge. This lets you enjoy the variations in tone by mixing sound from different pickups. Setting the pickups to the same level gives you a so-called “halftone” sound, and adding a bit of the middle adds a kind of thickness or a humbucker-type feel to the neck or bridge sound.

Improved playability

The neck joint uses a set neck method that makes it easy to play even on the higher frets. The fixed Tune-o-matic bridge allows the optimal neck angle for easy playing, significantly improving the playability when compared to the original.

Semi-hollow structure that suppresses acoustic feedback even during high-volume performance

The semi-hollow body structure uses a weight-relieved center block, increasing sustain while being resistant to feedback even at high volume levels.

Grover open-gear tuning pegs used

These models feature lightweight Grover open-gear tuning machines that more readily conveys the string vibrations, making the guitar easier to tune. This mechanism offers stable tuning even when playing for long periods of time.



Color: Jet Black

Body: Maple Plywood

Center Block: Weight-relieved Spruce

Neck: Mahogany

Fretboard: Indonesian Ebony

Scale: 635 mm

Nut Width: 43 mm

Tuning Keys: Grover open gear

Pickups: VOX S66 single coil pickups x 3

Controls: Volume x 3, Tone x 1

Tailpiece: Sapphire Blue: Bigsby B700 Vibrato Black

Dimensions: (W X D X H) 416 mm x 94 x mm x 1069 mm (16.38″ x 3.70″ x 42.09″)

Weight: Approx. 3.5 kg (7.72 lbs.)

Included: Hardshell case, rod wrench.