Vintage VJ74PU2665 VJ74 ProShop Unique Aged Ventura Green


Vintage VJ74PU2665 VJ74 ProShop Unique

For years now, our technicians and designers have been listening to suggestions from players all around the world.

We've taken those ideas, blended them with our own concepts, visions and creativity to build an exclusive collection of ProShop 'Unique', one-off masterpieces, 'Built in the UK'.

Some of the concepts you’ll see in ProShop ReIssued™ and ICON™ ‘Unique’ creations, make their way into future Vintage® ICON™ and Vintage® ReIssued™ guitars and basses.

Vintage® ProShop® ICON™ ‘Unique’ Series, has hardware and electronics from a host of amazing British made and Internationally famous brands, selected to suit the style, vibe and finish of each guitar, with wear patterns and ‘patina’ accurately crafted and applied to emulate the look and feel of a guitar owned and played for decades. All work is by hand and every finish is a unique one-off, with various weathered distressing processes that gives new guitars a killer vintage look.

Vintage® ProShop® ReIssued™ ‘Unique’ Series guitars are the result of the flights of fancy, the wild imagination of our ProShop® team, let loose using exclusive combinations of finishes, parts, hardware, pickups and accessories to create wonderful one-offs.

Aside from the attention to the fine details of the superb aesthetics, every ProShop guitar comes with a full 'ProShop Plus' in-house set-up, offering superb playability whilst fitted out with the finest high quality hardware to deliver guitars that exceed the expectations of today's discerning guitarists.

Each guitar includes a Vintage branded luxury gig bag, ProShop leather strap, pick tin, tee-shirt and ProShop certificate of authenticity.