Supro 1313 Analog Delay


Supro Delay

Analog  9V DC



Our flagship pedal, the Supro Delay offers the vintage echo effects of the 60s and 70s while showcasing the latest in pedal technology. The all-analog Supro Delay comes equipped with a pair of high-voltage MN3005 IC chips capable of producing up to 600ms of delay time, while providing dramatically increased headroom, dynamic range, and clarity. The newly-designed Filter knob ranges from low-pass to band-pass functions, spanning from dark, warm, and murky tones to crisp and bright tape echoes. Additionally, an assignable Expression pedal control provides the player with the ability to switch between Repeats, Time, and Level while maintaining custom knob settings. Runs on standard 9VDC.



Level: Sets the volume of the delay

Time: Sets the length of the delay

Filter: Contours the tone of the delay

Repeats: Sets the amount of feedback in the delay line

Expression: Selects which knob is controlled by the expression pedal



Drawing inspiration from the golden era of analog pedals and recording to tape, the Supro Delay was designed by Howard Davis, master engineer behind the legendary late-1970’s EHX Deluxe Memory Man and the Pigtronix Echolution.



Model Name: Delay   

SKU: 1313      

Function: Analog Delay With Filter    

Category 1: Delay       

Category 2: -  

Expression: Time / Mix / Repeats      

Bypass: Buffered        



Power: 9VDC  

Current Draw: 100MA

Input Impedance: 10M          

Output Impedance: 150ohms



Finish: Brushed          

Length (IN): 4.9          

Width (IN): 3.2

Height (IN): 3.2          

Weight (LBS): 1