Supro 1305 Analog Drive



The Supro Drive captures the unmistakable sound of our vintage tube amplifiers in an effects pedal. By recreating every aspect of the circuitry of a 1960s Supro tube amp, including an actual output transformer, the Supro Drive achieves the magnetic saturation that gives Supro amps their iconic deep, warm, and gritty rock n' roll tones. The most realistic-sounding overdrive pedal ever made, the Supro Drive features a toggle switch between the different windings of our custom transformer, offering high-headroom Bold sounds or high-gain Rich tones. The pedal also features an assignable Expression pedal control for adjusting gain with preset minimum and maximum settings. Runs on 9-18VDC.



Volume: Sets the overall output volume

Gain: Sets the amount of preamp drive

Tone: Contours the tone of the drive

Transformer: Selects the winding ratio of the output transformer



Rather than approximating the sound of our amps using standard techniques, engineer Thomas Elliot created an all-new circuit which mimics every aspect of warm, Supro tube amp overdrive.






Model Name: Drive   

SKU: 1305      

Function: Vintage Amp Emulator      

Category 1: Distortion

Category 2: -  

Expression: Gain        

Bypass: True Bypass   



Power: 9-18vdc          

Current Draw: 100ma

Input Impedance: 1m

Output Impedance: 150ohms



Finish: Brushed          

Length (In): 4.9          

Width (In): 3.2

Height (In): 3.2