Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Optical Compressor + Sustainer



Famous for its noiseless clean sustain, the Philosopher’s Tone has staked its claim in the crowded world of compressor pedals. In addition to Volume and Sustain controls, the Philosopher’s Tone features a parallel Blend knob that allows the musician to mix their instrument’s original tone with the compressed sound effect. This technique restores natural pick-attack and allows more extreme sustain settings to remain musical. The Treble control provides up to a 6db cut or boost at 2kHz for fine-tuning the frequency response of the effect. The Philosopher’s Tone features true-bypass switching and internal 18V power rails for maximum clean headroom, even when used with hot pickups and line level signals.



Volume: Sets the overall output volume.

Sustain: Sets the amount of sustain.

Treble: Boosts or cuts treble at 2kHz.

Blend: Mixes your compressed effect with your clean signal.


Rare design

Generations of guitar players have sought noiseless clean sustain from a compressor, and this was the guiding goal of the research and design behind Philosopher’s Tone, yielding a compressor with an internal 18 volts of headroom and naturally musical tone control.


Modern-day alchemy

Practitioners of the mystical and ancient art of alchemy long sought an element called the Philosopher’s Stone. They believed, if found, it could turn lead into gold and bestow immortality upon the person who wielded it. Turns out it was waiting in the depths of space all along.