Pigtronix Octava Analog Octave Fuzz


Pure analog octave fuzz

Octava is an all-analog octave fuzz / frequency doubler featuring an on-board low pass Filter control that allows you to achieve singing octave up tones anywhere on the neck, without adjusting your guitar’s tone control. A front-end Drive and gushing Fuzz circuit add signal power and easily convert Octava to shoegazey fuzz pedal capable of producing devastating, full-wave rectified distortion. Use the Blend knob to mix the octave up effect on top of your dialed-in drive.



Volume: Sets the overall output volume.

Blend: Mixes in the octave-up effect.

Filter: A low-pass filter tone knob. Sets the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter on the input of the Octave circuit.

Drive: Mixes in warm front-end overdrive by increasing the gain of the J-FET preamp stage.

Fuzz: Activates the fuzz circuit.


All analog, still versatile

Built with the theory of “do one thing and do it well” paired with the flexibility of more diverse effects units, the Octava transitions seamlessly between a singing octave-up to an overflowing fuzz, and every blended tone between.


The octava ribbons

Parallel ribbons made up of complex patternwork wave ever-so-slightly in the blackness of space. It is from this mysterious place Octava was harvested. Pretty much sounded like a badass octave fuzz.