Pigtronix Gatekeeper High-Speed Noise Gate



Gatekeeper is a lightning fast, studio-quality noise gate that locks out unwanted noise from any rig. Featuring Threshold and Release knobs, Gatekeeper provides 100% attenuation with unprecedented response time and utilizes ultra high-speed J-FET circuitry to completely eliminate hum, hiss, buzz and any other intrusive non-musical sounds from your signal path. Its wide range Threshold control combines with exceptional headroom to deliver smooth transient response previously available only in rackmount, studio-oriented noise gate processors. The addition of the Release knob allows the user to control how long it takes the gate to slam closed.



Threshold: Sets the dynamic at which the noise gate activates.

Release: Sets the release time of the noise gate.


Designed for all rigs

Mercilessly cutting out any and all sounds you don’t want to hear at the very instant you stop playing, the Gatekeeper was designed with even the most high-gain rigs in mind. Crank the volume without fear of the annoying 60-cycle hum or white noise that plague us all.


Lock out the madness

Ever been trapped on a planet (rehearsal room) that is so overpopulated (guitarist with too big of a pedalboard) with so much noise (huge, dumb rig) that you just need to slam the door shut on it? Us, too.