Pigtronix Gamma Drive Overdrive With 2-Band Eq


Vroom, vroom.

Gamma Drive is a germanium-enhanced overdrive with active Treble and Bass EQ controls. Achieving articulate, touch-sensitive performance characteristics via a unique mixture of germanium, LED and silicon diodes arranged to produce asymmetrical clipping, Gamma Drive offers overdrive rich in 2nd order harmonics, which creates sweet, blooming tone. Offering a range of overdrive from sparkling clean boost to a raging distortion, Gamma Drive was designed for versatile playing across a wide variety of musical genres.



Gain: Sets the amount of distortion

 Volume: Sets the output level

 Treble: Boosts or cuts high frequencies centered at 2kHz

 Bass: Boosts or cuts low frequencies centered at 80Hz.


Touch-sensitive analog drive

Gamma Drive’s unique mixture of clipping diodes allow for touch-sensitive response, where natural saturation breaks up further as the player digs in. With the addition of a 2-band EQ, players can dial in Gamma Drive with precision, resulting in a lively, amp-responsive tone.


Ripping through the universe

Listen—how do you think Marvin has the time to explore the infinite depths of the cosmos and bring back all these wild discoveries? He kicks it into Gamma Drive, c’mahhhn.