Nux ACP-10 Analog Chorus


Nux ACP-10 Analog Chorus

The NUX analog chorus pedal from the reissue series brings back the legendary chorus sound from the 80s, when most guitar tracks had chorus effect. Thanks to its pure analog bucket-brigade circuit, the NUX analog chorus pedal offers you authentic chorus effects from warm subtle shimmer to near-vibrato wobbles.


  • Vintage analog chorus effect
  • Pure analog bucket-brigade circuit
  • True-bypass hardware switching


  • Width, speed, blend


  • Input impedance: 1m ohms
  • Output impedance: 10k ohms
  • Current draw: < 20 ma
  • Power: 9v battery or external ac adaptor delivering 9v dc regulated minimum 300ma
  • Dimensions: 121(l) x 77(w) x 48(d) mm
  • Weight: 230g