Marshall PEDL-91009 Footswitch for Code 25, 50, 100


Marshall PEDL-91009 Code Footswitch (cable included)

Get the most out of your Marshall Code combo or stack with this official footswitch. The PEDL-91009's first three switches let you instantly recall your favorite presets - something that fans of the TSL's clean/crunch/lead footswitch layout will take to instantly. The fourth switch lets you discreetly cycle through banks to load even more presets. An LED readout helps you keep track of what preset bank you're on even in dim lighting conditions. If you own a Marshall Code-series amp, you'll want to take advantage of the additional features provided by the PEDL-91009 footswitch.

Marshall Code Series 4-way Footswitch Features:

Optional upgrade for your Marshall code-series amp
Lets you recall 3 of your favorite presets - great for clean/crunch/lead tones
Cycles through sound banks discreetly
LED readout lets you know what bank you're on
Rugged switches and durable housing are designed to stand up to live abuse
Black finish to match your Marshall Code series amp
Compatible with Code 25, 50, and 100 amps

Original Marshal product