Mad Professor Evolution Orange Underdrive


MP-EOU Evolution Orange Underdrive

The Evolution Orange Underdrive approaches your tone from a completely different angle. Instead of overdriving your clean tone, you can use the pedal to get your overdriven tone cleaner. This is how the Evolution Orange Underdrive was born.

Often smaller amps sound very good when they are pushed to overdrive. To get a clean tone, you play with the volume of the amp or your guitar. This often results in loss of high tones and the amp doesn't feel as good as when it is pushed to the limit.

With the Evolution Orange Underdrive you can adjust the tone with the four tone knobs. Lowering the midrange will make the amp sound cleaner. You can also lower the input by adjusting the volume of the pedal and then improve the tone by adjusting bass and treble. The pedal also functions as a boost by pushing the midrange and volume.

The Evolution Orange Underdrive is a unique pedal in its kind which in some setups can be the outcome for a superb sound.



MIDRANGE: ± 15 dB at 400Hz

TREBLE: ± 15 dB at 7KHz

BASS: ± 15 dB at 100Hz

VOLUME: sets the overall volume level when the pedal is on



Input impedance: approx. 500K

Output impedance: approx. 5K

Current draw: 10 mA at 9V

Voltage supply range: +8V to +18V DC