Mad Professor Electric Blue II Chorus


MP-EBC2 Electric Blue II Chorus

The Electric Blue II is a high-quality modulation pedal which is easy to use and has an ultra-quite performance.

The control knobs give you control over the sound going from warm to bright. Depth, speed, tone and mix is all you need to customise the sound. Especially the possibility of mixing with your signal provides pure and dynamic modulation.

Both chorus and vibrato are of high quality in which you will experience both high and low tones in a pure way with a dynamic feel. A very complete pedal in a small body that is widely useful.



DEPTH: Allows you to dial in the depth of the effect.

SPEED: Allows you to dial in either slow and traditional choruses or swirling rotary effects.

MIX: Allows you to mix wet signal into dry signal. We have a long tradition to include MIX control in our designs for several reasons: Sometimes the most important thing your guitar tone needs in order to complete a song, is subtle. MIX control allows you to decide whether it is subtle or extreme effect that is needed. MIX in conjunction with DEPTH opens up a world of possibilities to explore. When on Vibrato mode, in which the whole signal is modulated, MIX control operates as a level control and you are able to boost the overall level too!

TONE: Unique and rare to modulation pedals, allows you to dial in warm and lush analog tones that vintage choruses are revered for, or modern and beautifully sparkling tones.



9VDC power supply input, 2.1mm plug center negative and positive sleeve.

Current consumption at 9V DC: 35mA

Voltage range: 8.5V-12V

Input impedance: 500 kOhm

Output impedance: 1 kOhm

Complete bypass (true bypass)



Never operate the unit with its bottom removed or damage will most likely occur.

Electric Blue II is protected against wrong eliminator polarity.