Vintage VRS130HT Rock Series


The Vintage VRS130 HT in Boulevard Black is a sleek, double cutaway guitar with an elegant design that is perfect for modern rock and blues players. As part of Vintage's 'Rock Series', the guitar features a quality combination of tonewoods for supreme tones, including a mahogany body, carved maple cap, mahogany neck and a lignum rosa fingerboard.

The neck is mounted with a long tenon joint for maximum strength, while the contoured heel and deep cutaway provide easy access to all 24 frets. The VRS130 is loaded with a quality selection of Trev Wilkinson-designed hardware, including a compensated bridge, stable Wilkinson tuners, and Wilkinson humbuckers for a full selection of rock and blues tones.
If you're seeking a great-value guitar for modern blues and rock, the VRS130 provides the perfect blend of quality tonewoods, stable and reliable hardware, versatile rock/blues tones, and an elegant design to help you make your mark on stage.

VRS130HT Features
Classic Rock & Blues Guitar with Wilkinson Hardware & Pickups
Warm & Resonant Mahogany Body & Neck
Maple Cap Provides Bright Overtones
Stable & Reliable Wilkinson Compensated Bridge & Tuners
24 Frets with Accessible Top Fret Reach