Fishman ACC-MAN-LPU Acoustic Matrix


Replacement Pickup for Fishman Acoustic Matrix, Split Bridge, ACC-MAN-LPU

New retail

Matrix Replacement Pickup for Split Bridge Guitars
Narrow Format (.094"", 3/32"", 2.3mm)
Pickup lengths: 7/8" (22.2mm) and 1-3/4" (44.4mm)
Requires Matrix Preamp (Not Included)
Endpin Jack Not Included

Replacement pickup for the Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural pickup system, split bridge format, narrow (.094", 3/32", 2.3mm). Does not include preamp or endpin jack. This is the Split Bridge version, which has a short pickup (for 2 strings) and a medium length pickup (for 4 strings) for split bridge guitars.

Placement: Undersaddle
Sensor Type: Electret Film
String Type: Nylon&steel
Width: Narrow (3/32")

Dimensions (long sensor): 1.76" L x .08" W x .04" H (44.4mm L x 2.3mm W x 1.1mm H)
Dimensions (short sensor): 0.90" L x .08" W x .04" H (22.2mm L x 2.3mm W x 1.1mm H)