G Lab WP-2 Whammy Pad


Whammy-Pad WP-2 makes the use of Whammy effects more comfortable. WP-2 eliminates the necessity of making an additional movement which is needed to switch the Whammy ON and OFF. Whammy-Pad can be used only with the Guitar System Controller GSC.

WP-2 should be placed beneath a Whammy effect and the pad���s connector should be plugged into the GSC���s LINK connector.

Whammy���s input and output should be connected to SEND output and RETURN input of the LOOP1 or LOOP2 loops of the GSC. The Whammy effect power switch should be set to active position.

The G LAB controller enables two Whammy-Pad���s modes of working:

to switch ON at any preset the loop with WHAMMY ("adding WHAMMY to the preset" mode),
to switch ON the preset (No. 5 in GSC and preset No. 9 in GSC-2/GSC-3) in each bank ("changing preset" mode enabling to change settings of a whole system).

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