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The PRS Custom 22 is one of the most loved and versatile guitars in their lineup. Now they are offering a new version of this guitar with this SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow model that gives you some brand new sounds.

Semi-Hollow Design

PRS may be mainly known mainly for their solid body guitars but they also make incredible semi-hollow guitars as well. With a semi-hollow guitar you get a totally different sound with a bunch of warm overtones that really suit blues and rock styles.

Semi-hollow guitars are also a lot lighter that their solid body counterparts meaning you can take them from gig to gig without any strain on your back.

Smooth Pickups

Fitted in this guitar you have a set of Original SE Treble & Bass pickups which offer up a smooth medium output tone. Perfect for blues, rock, jazz and more these pickups can handle a wide variety of sounds without any modifications.

PRS have been making their own pickups for years now developing with some of the best guitarists in the world. So when they put their name on any hardware you know it is something you can rely on.

Quality Construction

Just like the solid body model that came before this semi-hollow model has incredibly high quality construction with the same parts we all love. Made with a mahogany body and beautiful flamed maple top attached to a 'Wide Thin' carve mahogany neck topped with rosewood this guitar has the same quality feel you have come used to with PRS.

Thanks to their choice in woods this guitar not only looks great but has a deep warm sound and even feels great as well. With the 'Wide Thin' neck everyone from shredders to blusers will immediately feel at home on this guitar.


Chambered Mahogany Back
Flamed Maple Veneer
Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fretboard
25" Scale
22 Frets
PRS Designed Standard Treble & Bass Pickups
PRS Designed Stoptail
PRS Designed Tuners
Condition: Brand New
Brand: PRS
Model: SE Custom 22
Finish: Vintage Sunburst
Year: 2019
Made in: South Korea
electric guitar
PRS SE Custom 22

Semi Hollow

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