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Quik Lok Quicksilver 3

3m, 2x Neutrik NP2X straight

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Condition: Brand New
Brand: Quik Lok
Model: Quicksilver 3
Finish: brick red
Made in: Italy
Description: Instrument cable with Neutrik NP2X mono 6.3 mm jack plugs and QS PVC Brick Red cable (6.8 mm diam. silver plated copper conductor). Lenght: 3 m.

QUIKSILVER Series: Built using cable with a third outer conductor, and silver-plated strands for the signal conductor.
The outcome is a surprisingly linear response on the whole band, particularly as it relates to high frequencies, because of its unrivaled ability to enhance harmonics in a very pleasant way. Ideal for use with any electric strung instrument, and particularly with electro acoustic guitars and high-end digital keyboards.
Quik Lok Quicksilver 3

3m, 2x Neutrik NP2X straight

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