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Ibanez 2MH1DC1L6C

DIE-CAST L, 1 piece

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Condition: Brand New
Brand: Ibanez
Model: 2MH1DC1L6C
Finish: Chrome
Made in: Japan
Description: Machinehead: Die-cast with metal knob, fixed by screw, chrome.

used for GRG140, GRG150DX, GRG170DX, GRX90, GSA60, GSA6, JTK09LTD, JTK30H, JTK30, JTK3, JTK40, JTK4, SA120, SA130FM, SA130MFM, SA160FM, SA160QM, SA160, SA260FM, SA360FM, SA360QM, SA360, SAS36BG, SAS36FM and SAS36QM models between 2006 and now

Original Ibanez spare part.
Ibanez 2MH1DC1L6C

DIE-CAST L, 1 piece

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