Ibanez 5AJK03B Output jack: Box, 6.3 mm


Output jack Box, 6.3 mm, Stereo, 5 pin, with battery snap, Open type, chrome.

Used on AEB5E, AEB5FE, DTME, PC300CE, PC300NCE, PC344NCE, PF100DE, PF200CE, PF212CE, PF300CE, PF60CE, TCM20064, TCM60, TCY10BU, TCY10E, TCY10G, TCY10MGR, TCY10WDM, TCY10WL, TCY10, TCY15, TCY18, TCY200xx, TCY20, TCY25, TCY35 and TCY5 models between the years 2000 and 2013

Original Ibanez spare part

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