Supro 1309 Analog Flanger



Sibling to the Supro Chorus, the Supro Flanger is an all-analog, full-stereo modulation effects pedal that uses a quartet of genuine MN3009 Bucket Brigade IC chips to deliver the absolute richest Flanger effect possible while maintaining exceptional headroom. In addition to Speed and Width knobs, the Supro Flanger features a bi-directional Feedback control and a Sweep control that increases the delay time on one side of the stereo field while shortening the delay time on the other side. Featured for the first time in a flanger pedal, the Dimension switch crossfeeds the two channels into one another, creating the entrancing double-flanger effect of two delay lines being modulated in opposite directions, even when used in mono. Runs on standard 9VDC.



Width: Sets the overall intensity of the flanger effect.

Speed: Sets the rate of modulation of the flanger effect.

Sweep: Sets the delay time of the flanger effect. Turning the Sweep knob clockwise will increase the delay time on channel 1 while decreasing the delay time on channel 2.

Feedback: Sets the amount of resonance in the circuit. There is no resonance when the knob is set to the center position. Turning the control clockwise from the center increases the amount of positive feedback. Turning the control counter-clockwise from the center increases the amount of negative feedback.

Dimension: Enables a crossfeed between the two channels, creating a unique, double-flanger effect in mono or stereo.



Say farewell to wispy, weak flangers. Supro Flanger offers rich, analog tone that strikes the tonal balance between vintage flanger units and more modern modulation effects, paired with a never-before-offered Dimension switch that yields a striking double-flanger effect.





Model Name: Flanger                

SKU: 1309         

Function: Analog Flanger With Dimension 

Category 1: Modulation           

Category 2: -   

Expression: -  

Bypass: Buffered          



Power: 9vdc    

Current Draw: 100ma                

Input Impedance: 2.2m           

Output Impedance: 150ohms             



Finish: Flat       

Length (In): 4.9               

Width (In): 3.2                 

Height (In): 3.2                

Weight (Lbs): 1