NUX SSD-10 Steel Singer Drive


Nux SSD-10 Reissue Series Steel Singer Drive

The Nux Steel Singer Drive pedal from their Reissue Series is an overdrive pedal with the tonal character of famous boutique tube amps that came out of California in the 1970s. It has very smooth high end and sweet mid-range.


  • Pure analog circuit
  • Warm and natural tube overdrive tone
  • True-bypass hardware switching


  • Volume, gain, filter


  • Input impedance: 1m ohms
  • Output impedance: 10k ohms
  • Current draw: < 20 ma
  • Power: 9v battery or external ac adaptor delivering 9v dc regulated minimum 300ma
  • Dimensions: 121(l) x 77(w) x 48(d) mm
  • Weight: 230g