Nux NDO-5 Verdugo Series Ace of Tone


Nux NDO-5 Verdugo Series Ace of Tone

Ace of Tone is a dual overdrive pedal, containing both a Tubeman MKII and a Morning Star. Why? Because guitarists like to combine two overdrives to achieve their own tone.

In the left corner we have the Tubeman with FAT mode. The Tubeman offers much more clarity and gain than a classic Tubescreamer, and NUX has modified the circuit with a handy secondary function (FAT mode) that is engaged by holding down the footswitch. It increases bass response - the improved low end makes the tone even warmer!

In the right corner we have the Morning Star with SHINE mode. The Morning Star is based on the legendary Bluesbreaker circuit: very transparent, with low gain overdrive. By holding down the footswitch you can switch on SHINE mode. SHINE mode boosts the treble to make your sound crystal clear.

Ace of Tone has versatile routing and toggle switches:

- Adjust the order of the effects: Morning Star going into Tubeman or vice versa.

- Choose buffered bypass or true bypass with the BF / TB switch.

- Use the 9V/18V switch to internally double the voltage to 18V for a wider dynamic range.


Controls and Features:

Left side (Tubeman)

DRIVE: Controls the gain of the Tubeman circuit.

TONE: Controls the amount of treble of the Tubeman circuit.

LEVEL: Regulates the volume of the Tubeman circuit.

Footswitch: Turns the Tubeman circuit on/off. Press and hold the button for 1 second to switch the FAT mode on/off.

FAT indicator: When FAT mode is on, the indicator will light up.


Right Hand Side (Morning Star)

DRIVE: Controls the gain of the Morning Star circuit.

TONE: Controls the amount of treble of the Morning Star circuit.

LEVEL: Adjusts the volume of the Morning Star circuit.

Footswitch: Switches the Morning Star circuit on/off. Press and hold for 1 second to turn on/off the SHINE mode.

SHINE indicator: Lights up when SHINE mode is on.

Effect order switch: Morning Star first, then Tubeman or Tubeman first, then Morning Star. Very useful when stacking the two overdrives!


Inputs and Outputs:

Input: Connect the guitar to the INPUT jack.

Output: Connect the OUTPUT to the amplifier.

EXT. SW: You can use an external foot controller (such as NUX NMP-2) to control this pedal remotely.

BF / TB Switch: BF means buffered bypass, TB means true bypass. Use this toggle to select the option that sounds best when the pedal is off (can depend on the situation).

18V/9V Switch: ACE or TONE can double the voltage internally to 18V, which will increase the dynamic range and headroom.

DC Jack: ONLY use a 9V Negative Tip power adapter with at least 100mA.



Input Impedance: 2.2 MO

Output Impedance: 1kO

Power supply: 9V DC (negative tip, optional ACD-006A adapter)

Current consumption: Less than 100mA

Dimensions: 105(L) X 115(W) X 58(H) mm

Weight: 440g