Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb


MP-SSR Silver Spring Reverb

The Silver Spring Reverb is a natural-sounding ambient reverb that blends your sound perfectly and doesn't get in the way.

The bandwidth of the reverb sits between the warmth of a spring reverb in an amp and the clarity of a studio reverb. Your signal remains purely analog, so the reverb feels natural and dynamic and there is no discolouration.

The Silver Spring Reverb is made to do its job in both clean and distorted sounds and works well both after and before your setup. With the proper settings you can fine-tune with the time, reverb and tone knob, this reverb fits all possible musical needs in a natural way.



TIME: This sets the decay time of reverb. Turn it clockwise for longer decay. At the full counter clockwise position, the decay is that of a small room. At the full clockwise position, the decay resembles the large hall sound of a plate reverb. Around the center setting the medium decay time is optimal for rhythmic chords and single notes.

TONE: This adjusts the bandwidth of the reverb signal. Turning clockwise results in a brighter reverb tone and counter-clockwise darker one. Fully counter-clockwise approximates the response of a typical spring reverb, clockwise a studio reverb.

REVERB: This adds reverb to dry signal. Reverb can be turned fully off if Reverb knob is turned fully CCW, and is loudest at fully clockwise.



Current consumption: 80mA at 9VDC (adapter recommended)

Voltage range: 6-9 V, 9 V 100mA preferred

Input impedance: 500K

Output drive capability: 10K Ohms

Signal noise ratio: 90dB