Mad Professor Big Tweedy Drive


MP-BTD Big Tweedy Drive

The Big Tweedy Drive gives you the rare tweed twin amp sound in a small pedal.

The sound is based on the fat punchy midrange and usable high bite of late 50s American amps. The pedal is very versatile because of its dynamics. Control the amount of gain with your attack and volume knob on your guitar.

Because the pedal works so dynamic, it is also widely usable in terms of multiple pedals and different types of amps. The volume, drive, tone and presence knobs also allow fine-tuning your tone, which helps with various settings. The tone knob of the Big Tweedy Drive is focused on the treble.

The Big Tweedy Drive delivers a classic tasteful tone with just the right amount of compression that responds to your playing.



VOLUME: Sets the output voltage.

GAIN: Adjusts the amount of distortion.

TONE: Adjusts high-frequency tone. Adjustment range is from significant high-frequency cut to slight high-frequency boost. The wide spectrum Tone control can either soften the tone or add some brightness to your straight signal.

PRESENCE: You can fine tune the shimmer and cut with Presence knob that adjusts the upper high end.

Turn both TONE and PRESENCE knobs down for a mellow fat tone or turn them up for a bright cutting rock tone.



Current consumption: 10 mA at 9VDC

Supply voltage range: 7.5V to 12V (9V recommended, the sound of the pedal depends on supply voltage)

Input impedance: 220kOhm at 1kHz

Output impedance: 1kOhm

Complete bypass (true bypass)