Vintage VJ74MRSSB ICON Distressed Sunset Sunburst


The Vintage V74MRSSB ICON bass replicates the beautiful, worn-in look and feel of an instrument that exhibits a lifetime's worth of woodshedding, rehearsing and performing, straight out of the box. Good things come to those who wait – but who has the time for that?

A Vintage ICON Series Bass already looks like your lifetime companion; the best part is your journey is just beginning. Play on.


VJ74 Features


Easter Poplar body for improved resonance, tone and ‘correct weight’ comfort, enhanced with correctly radiused contoured body.


Hard Maple bolt on neck for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel.

Scale Length:

34" / 864mm.


20 Medium profile frets add to comfort, accuracy and overall positive feel of the Vintage VJ74.


38mm white graphite stays friction-free to aid tuning and playability.


Wilkinson four saddle compensated brass bridge provides improved intonation all over the fretboard.

Machine heads:

Wilkinson WJBL200 ensure smooth and stable tuning.


Two Wilkinson PB WJB00 (M), WJB800 (B) single coil pickups for ultimate clarity and articulation.


Single Volume and tone controls. Roll Control allows mixture of Bridge and Middle pickups for enormous tonal options.


Classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal.

The VJ74™ is an original Vintage® ICON Series bass, designed and created by Trev Wilkinson and the UK Vintage design team.