Supro Keeley Custom 10 Combo


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Designed in collaboration with Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics, the Keeley Custom 10 is built to seamlessly integrate your pedals into the heart of an all-tube Supro amplifier. The preamp and 2-band EQ section are voiced perfectly for running your gain pedals in front of the amp, while still maintaining Supro’s signature midrange heft and phenomenal touch dynamics. Meanwhile, a transparent effects loop provides the ideal point to inject your delay and reverb effects into the amplifier’s all-tube signal path, avoiding unwanted distortion on modulation effects.

A master volume circuit allows you to control the sound pressure level coming from the speaker, while pouring on copious amounts of gain from the ECC83S-based tube preamp or your favorite dirt pedals. The Keeley Custom 10 offers 25 watts of Class A power in a convenient 1x10 format, originally featuring our custom CR10 speaker before incorporating the Celestion Creamback 10 as a running change.



A ECC83S-based tube preamp pours on the gain, while a Bruce Zinky-designed cathode-biased Class A power section loaded with premium EHX 6V6GT tubes achieves the instantly recognizable Supro sound.



Custom Blue Rhino Hide tolex, our Supro Silver/Blue grill cloth, white piping, a dog bone handle, and engraved headplate co-branded with Supro and Keeley Electronics identities.



Name: Keeley 10        

Sku: 1970RKC 



Wattage: 25w 

Speaker Brand: Celestion       

Speaker Model: Celestion Creamback 10      

Knob Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Master

Effects: Effects Loop   

Inputs: 1         

Remote Switch Jacks: N/A     

Outputs (Line Level): Send     

Speaker Jack: 1x 8-Ohm, 2x 4-Ohm   

Preamp Tubes: 2x ECC83S     

Power Amp Tubes: 2x 6V6GT



Cabinet Material: Poplar       

Handle: Vinyl Dog Bone         

Remote: N/A  

Cover: N/A     

Tolex: Blue Rhino Hide           

Piping: White 

Colorway: Blue Rhino Hide    

Grill Cloth: Supro Silver/Blue 



Cab Dims (In.): 19 7/32” X 9 7/16” X 14”      

Cab Dims (Cm): 48 X 23 X 35.5 Cm    

Weight (Lbs): 35 Lbs  

Weight (Kg): 15.8 Kg