Korg AW-OTB Clip-On Tuner Bass


Korg AW-OTB for Bas

All-new OLED display technology, revolutionary visibility and precision.

From 4K televisions to the latest smartphones and tablets, OLED screen technology is revered by the leaders of the tech industry for its superior visibility and appearance. Always the innovator, KORG is proud to declare a new chapter in the company’s rich tuner history with the AW-OTG & AW-OTB, the first ever tuners to incorporate OLED technology.

These cutting-edge displays are clear, smooth and perfectly visible from any viewing angle. These new tuners provide class-leading precision and stunning visibility that will change the way players tune.



Cutting-edge OLED display technology provides an unprecedented degree of visibility.

The guitar-specific AW-OTG features intuitive chord finder function.

Bass-specific AW-OTB has been optimized to tune lower notes with more speed & accuracy and includes a tempo finder function.

Ultra-high precision tuning with accuracy as great at ±0.1 cents. Optional STROBE feature further improves accuracy.

Alternative tuning animations included to make tuning fun!

Astoundingly long battery life using only one AAA battery.

Firm and adjustable clip for maximum stability.

Calibration, memory backup and auto-power-off functions.